San Tan Pool Services, LLC

No Worry Pool ServiceĀ 

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          San Tan Pool Services,         
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Are you having trouble keeping your pool chemicals balanced, the water clear, and dirt & leaves off the bottom?  Too much/Too Little Chlorine?  How much acid?  Not enough Salt?  What do you mean I have too much stabilizer? Is my equipment working right?

We specialize in all filter types (sand, D.E., cartridge),
salt water and freshwater pools of all sizes. 


Weekly pool service includes:

·         Checking & balancing chemicals

·         Brushing tiles, walls, steps, & sitting areas

·         Clearing debris from pool, baskets, nets, catches, etc.

·         Inspection of parts & equipment to ensure proper functioning

·         Salt Cell cleaning (when necessary)

·         Backwash (when necessary)

·         Auto-leveler adjustments (when necessary)

·         Setting timers & output amounts for seasonal changes

Repair service includes:

·         Floor vac repairs

·         Pop-up repairs

·         Motor repair & installation

·         Plumbing repairs


 Additional services:

·         Filter cleans (all types)

·         Acid wash (all types of finishes)

·         Calcium ring removal (glass bead)


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